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Cost Planning

Planning the Project Cost

Cost planning is just that: A tool to enable the customer to plan the cost of a custom home, commercial office or remodel. We believe strongly in the value of cost planning in advance of construction and use it to help the customer, architect and contractor (the creative triad) to develop an understanding of each segment of a project as well as the total cost.

For instance, cost planning can include design fees, permitting, site preparation for construction, foundation and building construction, finish details and fixtures. By developing and pricing these parts of a construction project in advance of ground breaking, the creative triad can develop a reliable estimate of the scope, timetable and cost of the project.

After cost planning, the homeowner will decide whether to hire a contractor on a fixed-price "stipulated sum" or a time & materials* "cost plus" construction contract.

HAWKES CONSTRUCTION can work successfully with either a fixed-price or time & materials type of construction contract, whichever makes the most sense for a specific project.

We offer cost planning as a stand-alone consulting service that is separate from construction.

*Time and materials refers to hourly billing rates added to cost of materials. For a well-planned project, it may reduce the total cost.

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